For 12 weeks now, Mexico City has been declared as a high-risk COVID-19 area that corresponds to the color orange of Mexico’s four-color coding epidemiological system. Hence, activities in traditional circuses, aquariums, outdoor gyms, and administrative activities at public and private universities will be resume.

The Mexico City Official Gazzette informed that administrative activities in public and private universities will be resumed starting on September 14 with general health measures.

Gyms and sports centers will be able to resume activities at 30% capacity on September 17. However, only outdoor activities will be allowed and the reopening must take place according to specific health measures issued by Mexico City’s Interior Ministry.


will also resume activities at 30% capacity starting on September 17.


“Aquariums will reopen next week, as though they were museums, just as the previous week when there was the possibility of exhibitions at convention centers, that are opened just like museums at 30% capacity, specialized ventilation, and health screenings; therefore, it is considered that they can reopen under the same conditions as museums,” as explained by Mexico City’s mayor Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo.

Meanwhile, traditional circuses will reopen on September 19 at 30% capacity and will only be able to offer shows in the outdoors.

“It was contemplated that movie theaters and other activities had been resumed under certain conditions, and there is the additional condition of the tent having airflow underneath so that it is not completely closed and other strict health measures,” said Sheinbaum Pardo.

Closure of shops at downtown Mexico CityEduardo Hernández

The closure of shops in downtown Mexico City is aimed at preventing people from arriving at the Zócalo, Mexico City’s main square, during the activities to celebrate Mexico’s Independence , that will be broadcasted this year, said Sheinbaum.

“We’re getting ready for Independence Day; there will be an event organized by Mexico’s Government; we inform citizens that there will not be public events; it is for media outlets and social media, and starting tomorrow (September 13), we will coordinate with the National Guard for the logistics required at the City’s Zócalo for September 16, the parade and the closure of shops,” she said.

Mexico City’s Interior Ministry and the Historical Center Authority, through an agreement published in the Mexico City Official Gazette, informed that from September 14 at 18:00 through September 16 at 14:00, there will be a suspension of activities of the shops located at the Constitution Square, best known as Zócalo .


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