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Several quakes registered in Mexico City
In the last week, Mexico City has felt several small quakes that have alarmed the population. Specialists point out that the cause of these quakes could be related to the extraction of water from the subsoil and the construction of big buildings.
Almeyda se alegra porque Amaury tomó el control de las Chivas
El técnico argentino le mandó los mejores deseos al equipo mexicano en esta nueva etapa del club
Natural disasters: The high cost of climate change
The number of natural disasters has doubled in the last 20 years, representing unsustainable costs for governments around the world
UNAM scientists develop map to measure seismic intensity
UNAM’s Engineering Institute is working on generating maps to measure seismic intensity and improve decision-making during times of crisis
So in the face of unpredictable scenarios, it is necessary for people to know where they live
Two strong earthquakes shook central Italy late Wednesday; no casualties have been reported
Firefighters and rescue crews using sniffer dogs worked in teams around the hard-hit areas in central Italy, pulling chunks of cement, rock and metal from mounds of rubble where homes once stood.
Additionally, 20 minutes of harmonic tremor and one volcano-tectonic earthquake were reported.