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Life in prison for “El Chapo,” they ask for 30 more years
After 11 weeks of trial, Guzmán faces life in prison at his scheduled July 17th sentencing on the 10 charges for drug trafficking and money laundering
‘El Chapo’ Guzmán’s bid for new trial is rejected
“El Chapo” lost bid for a new trial since the allegations of sexual abuse read by the jury during the trial were inconsequential to the case in comparison to the rest of the evidence.
Mexico auctions mansions previously owned by drug lords and criminals
The SAE auctioned 27 lots of properties and expected to raise MXN $168.4 million
Gael García obtains legal protection to consume marijuana
In recent months, Mexico's Supreme Court signaled it could decriminalize the use of marihuana
Mexico auctions Lamborghini and other luxury cars to help poor communities
The Mexican government will auction 82 vehicles in total and hopes to obtain at least MXN $26,964,583
Fentanyl, a threat to Mexico
Fentanyl is trafficked from Mexico to the U.S. using courier services, cars, buses, cargo transport, and airplanes
Mexico seizes luxury cars, including Lamborghinis and Ferraris
The discovery was made when authorities searched 11 homes in León, in the state of Guanajuato
Medicines, a profitable market for criminals
Today, EL UNIVERSAL revealed that criminals sell medicines in the Tepito area openly, without being stopped by authorities
Mexican President to help El Chapo's mother to visit him
A lawyer for Guzmán said the drug lord intends to seek a new trial after one of the jurors who convicted him said that jurors read media about the case despite the judge’s instructions not to
El Chapo is hailed as a modern “Robin Hood” in Mexico
People in his homes state of Sinaloa lament his conviction; the President visited his hometown after his trial ended