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Mexican drug cartels reach the European Union
In the last three years, Mexican drug cartels have expanded their dominion in the cocaine business while they also emerge as a potential threat in the meth market in the European Union
Mexico’s Senate will vote for a bill to fully legalize marijuana in the next few days
Mexico’s Senate will vote for a bill to fully legalize marijuana in the next few days marking a major step toward changing the country’s approach to the drug by removing it as a source of income for violent drug gangs
Venezuelan drug mules detected in Mexico City Airport
Drug mules are convinced to ingest from 30 to 35 cocaine packages, transport them to Cancún or Mexico City, and are paid from USD $500 to $1000 in exchange
El Chapo allegedly bribed Honduran President and his brother
The U.S. has supported Hernández, a conservative, as a staunch ally in the fight against drug trafficking
Mexico could have state-owned cannabis company
On Tuesday, the leader of the Morena party at Mexico's Lower Chamber presented a bill for the creation of a legal market for marijuana including a public company in charge of its regulation
Fentanyl to alter status quo of Mexican drug cartels
If synthetic opioids displace heroin from the market of clandestine painkillers, Mexican drug trafficking organizations will compete for a declining market, causing violence to escalate in the country
Setbacks affect the health sector
The 2019 budget for the Health Ministry is MXN $652 million higher than in 2018
Mexican cartels reach Central America
Central America has become the outlet of Mexican organized crime for drug trafficking, money laundering, and human trafficking
Mexico recreational cocaine
The historic decision is seen as a step towards the decriminalization of drugs
Mexico to tackle corruption in customs and ports
The SAT filed 7 lawsuits against employees linked to arms, ammunition, and money trafficking