Around 1,800 irregular rehab centers will be closed and although the service they provide is not the best and there are countless of complaints against these centers, shutting down these place could put the rehab centers opened by the government at risk, as it will show the government’s inability to help all addicts .

The warning was issued by the National Commission against Addictions ( Conadic ) after the organization said they won’t be necessary infrastructure , supplies , or personnel to provide services to thousands of addicts who have been sent to irregular rehab centers . Although these centers are not ideal, they have managed to fulfill society’s need to fight addiction .

These centers, also known as farms because they were originally internment camps located on the city outskirts where farm work was believed to cure any addict , offer a service that is quite different from the one offered by rehabilitation clinics for patients with a solid economic position, which resemble more a resort or hotel than a rehab center .

In contrast, there are clandestine rehab centers , where the homeless are sent to. These centers are characterized by mistreatment , physical punishments , humiliation , and unhygienic food . Moreover, many people who have been interned in these places say they were sexually abused ; this is why they prefer to live on the streets. Even when they had a roof and food, they claim that after being at these centers, their addiction only got worse, they became mentally ill , or now have irreversible psychological damage . These places are a nightmare , not rehab centers.

The warning issued by the Conadic contrasts with state campaigns where they call for the prevention of drug addictions and tell people to reach out to authorities in order to receive help when it comes to drug addictions, the government lacks the necessary means to fight addictions and help the victims . Meanwhile, it has focused on attacking those who supply and make millions in profits.


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