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Police dogs, four-legged protectors of peace and security
Most dogs of Mexico City's Citizen Security Ministry Canine Unit are donated and selected to determine their kind of temperament, disposition, and energy
Thor, the cutest bomb dog in Mexico’s Lower Chamber
With only fifteen months of age, the Belgian Malinois puppy has started its training as one of the six dogs trained for the detection of explosives
Mexican students develop sustainable vegan dog food
The project won second place at the entrepreneurship simulator TrempCamp of the University of San Diego
Animal cruelty in Mexico City
The municipalities with more reports for animal cruelty in Mexico City are Iztapalapa, Gustavo A. Madero, Cuauhtémoc, Benito Juárez, and Coyoacán
5 pet diseases in rainy season
Humidity and cold affect our pets’ immune systems
Mexican beer raises funds for stray dogs
The brand donates a percentage of the profits to Apolo & Friends, a non-profit
Spend a fun-filled day with your dog at an ecological park
You can learn how to make cookies for your dog, participate in races and games, and more
How to protect your pets from the environmental crisis in Mexico City
The UNAM faculty emphasized that if your pet is a puppy, sick, or very old, you should take extreme precautions
El Borras: from rags to riches after “Roma”
“El Borras” was very lucky because he looks a lot like the dog Cuarón had when he was a child
Mexican ponchos for your fur babies
Mexican creativity has no limits. A clear example are these new “jorongos"