Rainy season

has arrived and not only humans are exposed to diseases , but also our pets. Humidity and cold that come along with rain can affect both dogs and cats.

As explains Rita Domínguez , veterinarian of Royal Canin , dermatological and respiratory diseases are the most common in pets during this season.

1. Fungus dermatitis

One of the main problems that appear with rains are the cases of fungus dermatitis. This disease happens when a dog or cat walks in the rain , or in a wet garden , and is not dried properly after.

One must take special care of dogs and cats with long fur , as well as those with sensitive skin , like dogs with skin with creases or genetic predisposition to develop skin conditions . Some of those breeds are Bulldogs, Pugs, and Neapolitan Mastiffs.

2. Flea or tick bite dermatitis

Although these parasites are present throughout the year, in rainy season the defenses of our pets can lower because of the cold and humidity. Hence, their skin is more susceptible to the attack of these animals and also to an allergic reaction in their skin due to the bites .

3. Kennel cough

Factors like rain, and humidity, added to other factors like low defenses and stress , can cause, both in dogs and cats, the development of the disease known as kennel cough .

It is caused by a bacteria found naturally in dogs, but that added to the before-mentioned factors becomes pathogenic . Its symptoms are abundant and transparent secretion from the nose, cough , lack of appetite , dehydration, and crusts .

4. Distemper

Although many people think this is a disease exclusive to puppies , the specialist says that currently there is a strain of this virus that attacks adult dogs, especially seniors .

As we mentioned before, rainy season lowers the defenses of our pets, so senior dogs could be vulnerable to this virus, which is as aggressive as the one that attacks puppies.

5. Intestinal problems

Even though they are far less common, intestinal problems can happen because on oversight our pets can drink water from puddles .

This water contains many kinds of pathogenic microorganisms , so it is important to supervise them when going out.

To prevent any of these diseases, the specialist recommends reinforcing the immune system of our pets through a good and healthy diet that supplies many nutrients.

She also points out that it is important to dry very well the fur and paws of our pets if they get wet in the rain or if they step on wet floors when going for a walk.

Also, remember that it is important to stay up-to-date on vaccinations .


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