In the case of dogs, it is important to know how well adapted the animal is to cold temperatures. There are dogs that can endure extremely low temperatures such as huskies, but there are others, like chihuahuas, that are hot-natured and very sensitive to cold weather. Today we bring you a few tips to take better care of them:

1- Don’t leave your dog outside, let alone on the roof. If your dog has a house of its own, add some newspaper, old blankets, or clothes.

2- If your pet is a bird, a hamster, or guinea pig , put plastic wrap or newspaper around its cage and cover it with a blanket or curtain.

3- If your pet is a small dog , you should try to buy him or her a sweater , since small breeds are usually more vulnerable. If you can’t afford a sweater, you can make one yourself by following these simple steps:

4- If your pet is a cat , don’t be surprised if you find that it doesn’t like wearing clothes. Even during cold weather, cats are likely to wander outside the house during the night, so you might want to build them a small shelter.

5- During cold weather, domestic animals are likely to take shelter on trees, markets, and churches, though they also tend to lie down under cars . It is very important to take a look under your vehicle to make sure that your pet is out of harm’s way.


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