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COVID-19: Healthcare workers experience discrimination and violence in Mexico
In contrast with other countries, Mexican healthcare workers are not praised, they’re discriminated
From words to violence: The Oxford Dictionary is urged to change sexist definitions
Derogatory definitions related to women are dehumanizing and only one example of everyday sexism
Mexico: Discrimination against women is on the rise
In Mexico, women often face discrimination, harassment, and extreme violence such as sexual abuse and femicide
Mexico seeks to vindicate the Afro-Mexican community
By acknowledging the presence of a large Afro-Mexican community, the federal government is moving toward more inclusive and egalitarian policies
Mexican companies are becoming increasingly LGBTQIA+ friendly
Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation has been illegal in Mexico since 2003
Mexican mothers breastfeed at museum as an act of protest
In Mexico, nursing mothers are still criticized for breastfeeding in public places
More bad news for Rosario Robles
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Boxer is accused of cultural appropriation
Fury seemed to be engaged in a publicity stunt
Migrants experience physical, psychological, or sexual violence during their journey to the U.S.
In some cases, migrants are forced to trade sex for food in order to survive
Donald Trump has no limits
Trump never mentions the contributions made by migrants to the U.S. economy