The fact that the majority of complaints filed at the C ouncil to Prevent and Eradicate Discrimination ( Conapred ) are filed by is a worrying situation. In 2019, by every complaint file a man, two others were filed by women; in total, reported 229 complaints, while men reported 115.

Among all the cases investigated by the Conapred , the most common act is firing women for being pregnant ; a fifth of the complaints was reported by pregnant women , followed by health and disability . Moreover, the fourth cause of discrimination is gender , as 8.8% filed reports after being rejected just for their gender, in a time when politicians, businesses, NGOs, and the feminist movement are fighting for equality . According to Conapred, against women increased by 0.59% in 2019.


Other factors behind include gender identity , sexual orientation , legal condition, physical appearance, and age. Nevertheless, it is interesting that there were no complaints of discrimination for , and political or religious ideology , perhaps because those who suffered discrimination decided not to report it to authorities.

Although the Conapred can not sanction people, it can lead a conciliation process, issue recommendations, and create a negative report of those people, companies, institutions, and NGOs that discriminate, which could have economic and l egal consequences .

Many of the discrimination acts take place at , which is handled by local Conciliation and Arbitration committees, that have faculties to issue sanctions; however, it is necessary to strengthen the measures against , as well as the sanctions against those who promote discrimination.



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