Although it is believed that Mexico is more egalitarian and that women have more rights and more work opportunities , data from the National Statistics and Geography Institute (INEGI) shows that reality is quite different.

In the last decade, the largest number of people who have quit their jobs as a result of harassment or discrimination was registered during the first trimester of 2019. From January to March , at least 23,542 people resigned in order to avoid a hostile work environment .

According to the numbers released by the INEGI , people between 15 and 29 are the most affected sector with 14,800 reported cases , equal to 60%.

One by one, those 23,000 people solved the issue by leaving their jobs but that doesn't mean the problem was solved because harassers were not punished and are tormenting others.

Today, EL UNIVERSAL presents the testimony of a victim who decided not to report the case because she considered that thanks to the harasser 's position, he was one of the company owners, he would easily get rid of the accusations and that she would get in trouble.

Even when women report the crimes , they usually desist from taking legal action because, during the process and the trial, they are often revictimized . As a result of the dreadful experience, the victim doesn't want to testify or be analyzed and ends up desisting.

In Mexico , the workplace is still a male-dominated place . Numbers from the Mexican Social Security Institute show that from every 10 job positions available, men are hired in 6 and women are hired in four. Therefore, women are still part of a minority, which makes them more vulnerable.

Moreover, the numbers released by the INEGI emphasize the need to strengthen media campaigns so that these cases decrease and are punished, without affecting the victims who report the crimes . Nevertheless, the victims don't trust the institutions.


seems to be in the midst of two scenarios. In one, women are gaining ground in all fields, they have more rights , and sexual diversity is celebrated but in the other, harassment prevails at the workplace . Unfortunately, political speeches are far from becoming a reality.


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