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The secret bookstores in Mexico City
The reason to keep these bookstores secret has to do with creating an intimate and special relationship between the reader and the book
Mexican ballerina Elisa Carrillo receives Marius Petipa Award
This is the third international award received by the talented Mexican ballerina this year
Children and Young Adults International Book Fair in Mexico City
Filij returns to Cenart for its 2019 edition
Motecuhzoma II arrives at Mexico City
In the framework of the 500 years of Mexico’s Conquest the monumental opera “Motecuhzoma II” will be presented at Mexico City's main square
With the exaggerated gestures and signature stunts from the wrestlers, the highly flexible rules and dramatization of the sport-show, and the noisy participation from the audience, Lucha Libre has become a quintessential part of Mexican folklore
Mexico’s Cervantino Festival will focus on migration
The 47th edition of the International Cervantino Festival will present 295 artistic activities with migration as the focal point
DIF appointed as administrator of Octavio Paz’s estate
Last September 30, 2019, Mexico City’s DIF was declared as universal inheritor of the estate
A multilateral world order is the best answer to the neocolonialism threat
Under various different masks and pretexts, neocolonialism is back in our age marked by the decline of the sole superpower, the return of nationalist trends and an increasingly chaotic world
The unstoppable looting of Mexico’s cultural heritage
Known worldwide by its artistic treasures, Mexico continues to suffer the looting of its cultural heritage despite the national and international laws on the matter
Mexican Teresa Margolles among top 21st century visual artists
There are three Latin American artists in the list: Tania Bruguera from Cuba, Doris Salcedo from Colombia, and Teresa Margolles from Mexico