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Immortalizing Juchitán’s culture through murals
The project pretends to paint 100 murals of representative characters and trades in the fronts of homes in the Zapotec city
Mexico and UNESCO to strengthen indigenous languages
Indigenous languages are a synonym of identity and essential interpretations of the world
The Universe of Leonardo Da Vinci: the technological breakthroughs of the Italian genius take over Mexico City
The temporary exhibition will include 30 machines created by Da Vinci
José G. Veites establishes a dialogue possible by means of the creation of an artificial dimension
Mexican artist Javier Arévalo passes away
Javier Arévalo’s work is an important referent in Mexican contemporary plastic arts
Ballet dancer Isaac Hernández seeks to reinvent creative industries in Mexico
Isaac Hernández founded the Mexico Creative Industries Federation to support culture and talent
Juan Garaizabal, reconfiguring memory through art one fragment at a time
Through his monumental sculptures, the Spanish artist Juan Garaizabal recovers spaces gone with time in an attempt to bring them back to life with all their greatness
The world’s largest monumental carpet decorates Mexico City’s Zócalo
The carpet required a total of 18 tonnes of natural and recycled materials like sawdust, salt, corn leaves, cobs, and grains, and pine branches
Mexico City’s art week has become a cultural referent in Latin America and the world
Zona Maco wants to offer an art experience including contemporary art, design, antiques, and photo