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Pemex was part of the so-called “Master Fraud”
The fraud scheme used in Pemex is the same as the one used at the Sedesol and Sedatu
Irregularities at the INE
In times of austerity, the strict scrutiny of public offices is required
New southern routes for arms trafficking in Mexico
Due to increasing surveillance measures in the Mexico-U.S. border, new routes for arms smuggling have found their way to Mexico from the southern border with Guatemala and Belize, all the way from Nicaragua
Israeli spies operate in Mexico
The private intelligence agency has offices in Tel Aviv, London, and Madrid
The story behind two of Mexico's bloodiest cartels
What triggered the creation of La Familia Michoacana and the Jalisco Nueva Generación cartel?
The Lower Chamber spent over $260K on umbrellas
The Lower Chamber has paid thousands more to the same company
Drug traffickers trespass government buildinG
The invasion of this building is an example of how the government is losing ground against criminals
Peña Nieto spent over MXN $1 million in toiletries during one flight
According to invoices from 2017 and 2018, the extinct Presidential General Staff paid excessive prices for several personal care products, for which the current administration will file a criminal complaint
Mexico to investigate officials who released suspect involved in Ayotzinapa case
On Saturday, Gildardo “El Gil” López Astudillo, leader of the Guerreros Unidos cartel was released from prison after a judge found that the government had tortured him to obtain evidence