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Migrants close U.S.-Mexico border bridge in protest
Central American migrants are awaiting court dates for hearings in the United States scheduled in weeks or months under a U.S. policy called the Migrant Protection Protocols
Mexico disagrees with court ruling that allows the U.S. to bar asylum seekers
Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said Mexico didn't agree with the ruling
Mexico determined not to accept U.S. third safe country deal
A safe third country designation would require asylum seekers to apply for protection in Mexico instead of the United States
Schools On Wheels: Non-profit opens school for migrant children in Mexico
The teachers have experience working with displaced children in Latin America
Humanitarian crisis in Mexico: Who is to blame?
A Haitian mother says she is “suffering and being mistreated” and that there is food shortage and no water at the shelter
Migrants: Exploited and dehumanized by tourists
These tourists visiting the shelters in Tijuana do not seem to be members of humanitarian organizations or students
Over 18,000 Central Americans request asylum in Mexico
Andrés Ramírez served 28 years with the U.N. refugee agency before joining the administration of President López Obrador
Velasco, López Obrador's #1 fan
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How to welcome the migrant caravan?
Those who aren't holders of a Mexican visa or are not asylum seekers will be deported