Six lawsuits filed against Mexico's new airport
The controversial new airport – Photo: José Pazos Fabián/EL UNIVERSAL

Six lawsuits filed against Mexico's new airport

Mexico City
Sara Cantera
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The future of the NAIM is uncertain, as AMLO has considered its cancellation

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Six lawsuits have been filed against Mexico City's Airport Group (GACM), the one in charge of the bids for the construction works at Mexico's New International Airport (NAIM), which could affect the construction.

In his report about the viability of the NAIM, the incoming Communications and Transports Secretary, Javier Jiménez Espriú, mentioned that the lawsuits are an international arbitration procedure, four direct “amparos” and an ordinary federal civil trial, that I general are “low risk” for the continuity of the project, according to the GACM.

The first amparo (protective action), was filed by neighbors close to the NAIM area, who disagree with several actions from the government, like the authorization of the Environmental Impact Assessment, the concession title granted by GACM, the lack of an indigenous consultation, as well as the availability of federal lands granted by the Conagua.

The GACM said that this situation is following the due process, because the federal judge from the 9th Court, in the State of Mexico, denied them the amparo, and the complainers, led by Thalía Citlali Cruz presented their lawsuit before the Superior Court.

The GACM considers that this lawsuit is low risk because it considers that the complainers can't prove they are indigenous.

The second amparo was filed by Juan Ramírez Cárdenas, on the 19th Court in the State of Mexico, where he claims that the expropriation and compensation weren't carried out in one of his properties, where the NAIM is being built.

The international arbitration procedure was filed by Parsons International Limited, the NAIM's project manager, who is demanding MXN $350 millions, as a result from a currency adjustment.

The third amparo was filed by LF del Centro, an electricity company, for having been disqualified to bid for the installation of the 23kv Electrical Distribution Network. Another company, Elecnor, sued them for being disqualified as well.

There's also an ordinary civil trial, filed by the company Transportes y Construcciones Tamaulipecos, who is demanding MXN $150 million in unpaid costs, and unrecognized cost adjustments in the construction of provisional roads to access the NAIM's polygon.

Pablo Casas Lías, from the Judicial Aeronautical Investigations National Institute, said that in the case of Parsons, it can be solved by adjusting the payments.

In the case of farmers and land shareholders, who demand compensation, these two would be the only lawsuits that could risk the construction, but not top the point of cancelation.


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