Women face kidnap attempts in Mexico City's Metro

The city's Investigation Police is looking for men who have allegedly tried to kidnap women inside and outside Mexico City's Metro

Women face kidnap attempts in Mexico City's Metro
Women experience sexual harassment in public transport every day – Photo: Manu Fernandez/AP
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The city's Investigation Police is looking for men who have allegedly tried to kidnap women inside and outside Mexico City's Metro. Undercover police officers in the city are placed all over the city, trying to find the criminals.

The criminals' modus operandi is the following: they choose a victim inside the Metro, they follow the woman and corner her outside the subway station, where at least two other criminals are waiting.

After trying to shove the woman inside the taxi, which has been identified with the license plate “A-3893C”.

Last week, five new accusations were made. The most recent one took place last Thursday on the Zapata station, in line 3.

The Criminals

One of the suspects is said to be between 20 and 25 years, he's around 1.60 meters tall, he has lilac hair, groomed eyebrows, dark eyes, a small mouth, snub nose, thin lips, he's slender, she wears glasses and has a mandala tattoo on his neck.

Last Thursday, when he tried to kidnap a woman, he was wearing a New England's Patriots jersey, jeans, and Puma sneakers. He had an iPhone.

Another suspect is said to be 26 years old, he's around 1.80 meters tall, his hair is shaved, slender, almond eyes, flat nose, thick lips, big mouth, he wears a wooden rosary and a gold watch on his left hand.

The taxi driver, with the A-3893C license plate, was described as a man between 60 and 65 years old, robust, around 1.60 meters tall, he has a beard, graying hair.

All the suspects have an earring on their left ear.

Inside the Metro

In a recent case, a woman realized she was being followed by a man when she left the carriage at the Hospital General station, the criminal held her firmly, they wrestled, one of the men grabbed her by the feet while the taxi approached them and the taxi driver opened the car's trunk. A witness started screaming and alerted the neighbors, who helped the woman.

Fear has spread

Recently, dozens of women have shared their harrowing experiences in and outside the city's Metro, encouraging others to come forward and tell their stories.

This past weekend, at least five women denounced that men were watching them and taking their picture. In her statement to the police, an 18-year-old student said that she felt harassed by the man.

According to the investigation file, the harassment took place inside the Consulado station, north of Mexico City. According to the woman, the man was following her and was also taking pictures of her with his cellphone.

So far, around 10 kidnap attempts have been reported to the police. The cases are being investigated but no arrests have been made.

The city's prosecutor, Ernestina Godoy Ramos, said that “we have 10 investigation files open and some organizations said they would give me 84 testimonies.

Godoy Ramos said that the stations where the events took place are “Coyoacán, Aquiles Serdán, General Anaya, Zapata, Martín Carrera and 2 cases outside a Metrobús station.”

More kidnap attempts

Unfortunately, more kidnap attempts were registered last week. A 20-year-old woman asked for help at the Cuatro Caminos station, where she claimed someone tried to kidnap her.

Mexico City Attorney's Office (PGJ) said that on Monday, two men were arrested for harassment, one in Constitución de 1917, and in Xola. The arrest in Constitución de 1917 took place after a woman noticed that a man was following her and taking pictures of her.

In Xola, the man accessed a women-only carriage and looked at her insistently, she then decided to seek help. After checking the man's phone, the officers found several pictures of the woman.

The most recent case

Today it was revealed that a woman was kidnaped in the Candelaria station, in Mexico City. The woman was shoved inside a black Chevy. The criminals drove around while fondling her and threatening her with cutting her thumbs and sending them to her family. They kept on driving and sexually assaulting her but then noticed she had a c-section scar. One of the men said “she wasn't useful” to them because of her scar and released her.

It's important to emphasize that two men match the description made by several other victims, as one of them is said to have a tattoo on his neck, the other one is fat and short and shaves his head.


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