Wixarika artisans create the world's biggest beaded mural

18 Mexican artisans have been working on it for three months, approximately 13 hours a day

Wixarika artisans create the world's biggest beaded mural
The world's biggest beaded mosaic – Photo: Taken from the Mariachi and Charrería Encounter's Facebook page
English 21/08/2018 13:46 Newsroom Mexico City Raúl Torres Actualizada 07:48
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During the 25th International Mariachi and Charrería Encounter, organized by Guadalajara Chamber of Commerce, a Wixáritari mosaic, made out of beads, was awarded the Guinness Record for the biggest mosaic in the world. 18 Wixáritari artisans from Jalisco and Nayarit worked on it for almost three months.

Carlos Tapia, a Guinness Record representative, certified that the mosaic is 81.55 square meters. The former Guinness Record holder, the city of New Orleans, created a 71.33 square meters long mosaic.

To carry out this endeavor, the Chamber of Commerce hired the Wixarika artist, Maurilio Rentería Guzmán. Maurilio was given the design, the Mariachi and Charrería Encounter official logo, called “From Jalisco to the world”.

Rentería Guzmán explained that since he and his team was requested to do this work, formed by 17 other artists, they worked for 180 hours, approximately 13 hours a day, to finish it in time.

When he was questioned about the challenge it implies, for an artists known around the world like him, to work on a fixed design, without much room for creativity, Rentería Guzmán explained that what's most important to him is to make culture known.

“My job was to capture the drawing into the mosaic and make it look good, I haven't done a work like this one before, I've been to other countries to exhibit my work, In Argentina, in the US, for us, our main concern is to make culture known, in Mexico and in other countries”, he said.


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