Why did Lozoya agree to his extradition?

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Why did Lozoya agree to his extradition?
Emilio Lozoya was arrested in Spain in February 2020 after months on the run - Photo: Jorge Guerrero/AFP
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Why did Lozoya agree to his extradition? 

People are expecting Emilio Lozoya Austin to open Pandora's box regarding corruption during the previous administration, especially now that he agreed to cooperate with Mexican authorities. Nevertheless, sources said that many details remain a mystery, such as why did he suddenly agree to his extradition and to collaborate with Mexican authorities after he fled the country and initially opposed his extradition from Spain. However, those close to Lozoya Austin revealed some details. Firstly, his health did deteriorate while imprisoned in Spain. Secondly, when his mother was arrested in Germany, she was sent to several prisons and his wife and children do not have money to cover their basic needs because their bank accounts were blocked. Thirdly, because the Mexican government issued arrest warrants against his wife Marielle Helene Eckes and his sister Gilda Lozoya Austin. Today, Lozoya will make his first statement before a Mexican judge and people will finally learn if the rumors were true because until now, he has yet to make an official statement regarding Odebrecht and Agronitrogenados. Today we will see if Mexican authorities convinced Emilio Lozoya to cooperate.

Does Leonel Cota make more money than the President?

It was surprising to review Leonel Cota Montaño’s assets declaration. The head of the National Public Security System reported a salary 100 times higher than that of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s in 2019. Sources said that in his statement, Cota Montaño reported an income of MXN 153,918,953; this is a lot more than what the President made in 2019 when he reported an annual income of MXN 1,567,640. Nevertheless, sources said this must be a mistake because the transparency platform does not allow the use of decimals. Insiders said that it is important that Leonel Cota is more careful when he presents numbers concerning violence rates in the country because a mistake would be unacceptable.

San Luis Potosí official thinks the state has beaches

It is quite wrong for a high-ranking official employed by a state government to share fake news through social media. However, it is even worse when the official ignores that the state he lives and works in has no beaches. This is the case of Aldo Torres Villa, the cabinet’s technical secretary of San Luis Potosí. A few days ago, Torres Villa shared an image that was wrongly attributed to this newspaper on Twitter, regarding the alleged reopening of beaches in San Luis Potosí, and which was shared online this past weekend. Sharing fake news is irresponsible; however, ignoring that San Luis Potosí doesn’t have any beaches is alarming since it questions his ability to work for the government.

Banobras director contradicts the President

Sources said that, once again, a cabinet member corrected President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Last Thursday, the president said that the presidential plane would return to Mexico because it wasn’t safe in California and said that it was kept outside a hangar. Nevertheless, Banobras director Jorge Mendoza Sánchez contradicted López Obrador yesterday, when he said the presidential plane “is in perfect conditions, they did a great preservation and maintenance job, I would even say that one year and seven months later, the airplane is in better conditions.” Sources said that Jorge Mendoza isn’t afraid of contradicting President López Obrador. 


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