What to expect from the debate?

This discussion is key to knowing the candidates and assessing their proposals

What to expect from the debate?
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The event taking place tonight, in which the five presidential candidates will participate, is relatively new in Mexico. In 24, this will be the fifth electoral contest in which candidates will participate in a debate, while in the United States, for instance, presidential debates have almost 60 years of history.

Candidates have the obligation of making a civilized discussion out of this practice, in which arguments have to come above cheap slander. The many problems and lack of development of several industries in Mexico require clear and feasible proposals capable of improving our well being. The how needs to become the main part of their speeches.

Debates in Mexico had fallen into stagnation due to the corset political parties themselves had forced them into but the format to be used today aims to make this debate different to its predecessors.

Among the more relevant changes, we have that instead of being one moderator, today we'll have three, who will ask questions and bring up specific topics; their role goes from being chronometer overseers to active member,s prompting topics and helping debate flow so there can be a contrast of proposals among the five candidates. The three main topics of this Sunday's debate are 1) public security and violence, 2) fight against corruption and impunity, and 3) democracy, pluralism, and vulnerable groups. Recent surveys have shown that the most pressing concerns of wide sectors of the Mexican population are precisely security and the fight against corruption.

This type of discussion is key for the electorate as it allows them to know the candidates and assess the proposals each one has for the development of our nation. Voting this July 1st is a right we have as citizens but we must also do so as informed voters and not because of the undue pressure of a political party.

Moreover, there are other reasons why tonight's debate is so important: it's the manifestation of democratic civility, in which different points of view shouldn't become a reason of division but the expression of ideas; and its the reinforcement of freedom of expression and its contribution to the democratic character of Mexico.

This is why the debate matters. Presidential candidates have an opportunity they cannot miss.


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