Violence besieges Mexico

A few streets away from the National Palace, drug dealers settle their disputes with firearms and extort street vendors and businesses

Violence besieges Mexico
Crime and violence rates peaked since the government launched a war against drug cartels - Photo: Rebecca Blackwell/REUTERS
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Where can society feel safe if main public spaces such as party venues, schools, or places near government offices are locations where crimes take place?

Yesterday, the city of Cuernavaca was another victim: a person shot street vendors who were protesting in the heart of the city at noon.

First it was Minatitlán, in the midst of a birthday party, a criminal group entered the venue and murdered 13 people; at a high school, CCH Oriente, a stray bullet killed an 18-year-old student who was sitting in class; in Jalisco, a woman who was being stalked by her husband thought that entering the city hall would be safer because that is where the Governor is but that wasn't the case, the man entered the venue and murdered her inside the building.

These are crimes linked to organized crime, conflicts between drug dealers, and domestic violence but the central issue is that criminals act easily and without fearing authorities.

Mexico City is not exempted from violence and crime. A few streets away from the National Palace, where the President's office is located, drug dealers settle their disputes with firearms and extort street vendors and businesses. Those who dare to denounce or contradict them have been murdered.

It has become evident that impunity feeds violence; those who perpetrate crimes know they will hardly face justice.

But there is a positive aspect, at least on the cases mentioned here, is that authorities have driven the demand for justice. Today, EL UNIVERSAL revealed that the Mexico City government carried out an operation where it detained 9 alleged members of the Unión Tepito cartel, linked to extortion cases. A few days ago, the main suspect of leading the massacre in Minatilán was arrested and yesterday, the Cuernavaca shooter was detained.

Hopefully, this means Mexico is at a stage where impunity will no longer rule. This is the only way to protect the most important cities in the country and society will start feeling safer. It is time for Mexican authorities to focus on collective well-being.


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