Violence against women has increased in the last four months

According to the SESNSP, 1,182 women were murdered from January to April 2019

Violence against women has increased in the last four months
In the last three decades, Mexico has reaches alarming femicide rates - Photo: Daniel Becerril/REUTERS
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From January to April 2019, the 911 registered 5.2 million emergency calls throughout the country. From all those calls, 373,290 were related to incidents involving violence against women.

According to the National Public Security System's Executive Secretariat (SESNSP), during the first four months of 2019, emergency services registered 3,110 calls to report attacks against women every day; this means that in Mexico, women report 129.5 cases involving harassment, domestic violence, rape, among other crimes, every hour.

Between January and April, 58% of calls reported domestic violence. Followed by partner violence, 93,596 calls; violence against women, 57,980 calls; harassment, 2,249 calls; sexual abuse, 1,588 calls, and rape, 1,191 calls.

Although Mexico City leads the list with 32,174 calls, violence against women takes place throughout the country. According to the Interior Ministry, 10 states concentrate 60.9% of the calls; five of them are northern states. The most dangerous states for women, after Mexico City, are:

1. Nuevo León, 29,886 calls
2. Baja California, 29,364 calls
3. Chihuahua, 28,801 calls
4. Sonora, 28,220 calls
5. Guanajuato, 28,686 calls
6. Jalisco, 24,401 calls
7. The state of Mexico, 15,518 calls
8. Coahuila, 15,505 calls
9. Veracruz, 14,789 calls
10. Quintana Roo, 12,419 calls

Violence against women is out of control

For the feminist organization Consortium for Parliamentary Dialogue and Equity Oaxaca, the number of emergency calls registered by the 911 shows that violence is out of control and that there are no public policies to solve and prevent violence against women in Mexico, which results in the rise of femicides.

Urgent measures

According to the SESNSP, 1,182 women were murdered from January to April 2019. At least 294 were considered as femicides and 888 were considered as intentional murders.

Veracruz is the state that has registered the highest number of femicides in the last four months: 67.

The state of Mexico concentrates the majority of intentional murders of women, with 124 victims.


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