24 | OCT | 2019
Vehicular tenure could be back soon|
Vehicular tenure would provide a lot of money for the federal government - Photo: Carlos Mejía/EL UNIVERSAL

Vehicular tenure could be back soon

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Vehicular tenure could be back soon

Morena already has one ally to implement vehicular tenure once again, since the PVEM party showed them support in the lower chamber. The measure is hoped to help “rescue public finances” by implementing this tax all over the country. And not only that, but the PVEM party also wants mobile apps and private transport to pay taxes as “it is implemented in some European countries.” We will see how this proposal moves in the lower chamber and if more parties join the proposal.

Yalitza Aparicio to be awarded by the Senate

In the Senate, the Indigenous Matters Commission is getting ready to award Yalitza Aparicio and Nancy García for their work in the film ROMA, where they spoke Tu’ un Savi during the Indigenous Language and Culture Week. We've been told that some senators only want to attend the ceremony to get a selfie with the actresses, even when they didn't even watch the film directed by Alfonso Cuarón and some don't even know anything about Indigenous culture.

What is going on at the National Anti-corruption System?

We've been told that the Senate has to solve an urgent case this week. They will have to approve or deny a proposal made the executive power to fill the vacancies of the anti-corruption magistrates, which were sent to the Senate while former President Peña Nieto was still in office. If the Senate doesn't ratify the nominees, the Senate could be held for contempt. Meanwhile, the opposition said it will request that the list of nominees are discussed at the Anti-corruption Committee.

Resident doctors fight for their rights

Although the Health Ministry solved the case of the delayed payments and the reimbursement of a bonus, the resident doctors are not done fighting for their benefits. The next step is to modify their legal figure so that their rights are not violated and enlarge the Resident Doctors National Assembly (ANMR) so that it becomes interdepartmental and doctors from the IMSS, ISSSTE, and Pemex join the assembly because their intention is that all doctors have the same rights. Will they succeed?


Taxes might lessen savings generated by AMLO’s wage cuts

According to an analysis made by specialists, tax losses from wage cuts would be of 18,976 million
Taxes might lessen savings generated by AMLO’s wage cutsTaxes might lessen savings generated by AMLO’s wage cuts


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