Urzúa vs. Romo

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Urzúa vs. Romo
Urzúa claimed Romo had conflicts on interest - Photo: Germán Espinosa/EL UNIVERSAL
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Urzúa vs. Romo

Former Finance Minister, Carlos Urzúa told magazine Proceso that “every day, the President's Office manages a cumulus of confidential economic information, one wishes that Alfonso Romo and his family, even first-degree relatives, didn't currently have a shareholding at Vector Brokerage.” Nevertheless, we've been told that the federal government has proof that none of Romo's relatives, the head of the President's Office, has any shareholding at Vector. We've been told that they have information that no relatives are shareholders at the brokerage, therefore, Romo has no conflict of interest. Does Urzúa has other information, can he show the evidence?

Will Mike Pompeo visit Mexico?

Marcelo Ebrard and Mike Pompeo's team have been in talks to organize a meeting between both officials. We've been told that their representatives are working together and that Pompeo could visit Mexico City next week, as a gesture of goodwill. Nevertheless, we've been told that there are two key elements that could ruin the visit: the new asylum policy in the U.S., which makes it harder to be granted asylum and looks to send migrants who enter the U.S. through its southern border back to Mexico and the fact that in late July, it'll be 45 days since Trump agreed not to impose tariffs on Mexican imports, but only if Mexico showed that it could contain migration.

Chávez Presa sets the record straight

Jorge Chávez Presa, currently working at the World Bank, was surprised to learn that some government officials have their sights set on him for his alleged opinions, which could contradict the government. Chávez Presa claims that it's absolutely false that he supported the idea of accepting a representative of Juan Guaidó, the self-proclaimed President of Venezuela. He claims that he has shown respect for the current Venezuela representative at the World Bank, which represents Nicolás Maduro's government. In regards to the Dos Bocas refinery, he explains that his opinion has been clear and public and that he's never disqualified the project but that he has mentioned that there are other options. Moreover, he claims that Venezuela is not his topic and that instead, he spends a lot of time working to make the Central America Development Plan happen, proposed by President López Obrador, with who he is in synchrony.

Porfirio Muñoz Ledo will fight back

The head of the lower chamber, Porfirio Muñoz Ledo, compared the detention of migrants in Mexico and the U.S. to the Auschwitz concentration camp, used by Nazis to murder thousands of Jews during WWII. Muñoz Ledo, also a former UN ambassador, seems very upset about the situation and he won't stay quiet while Mexico implements a “safe third country” policy. He is planning to do something all the way from the chamber. Nevertheless, until now, the politician has found little support among his fellow party members. Who will join Muñoz Ledo?


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