Mexican gray wolf pups born in Mexico City

The pups were born at the San Juan de Aragón Zoo

Two Mexican gray wolf pups were born in Mexico City
English 01/07/2020 18:50 Newsroom Mexico City Actualizada 19:32
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On Monday, Mexico City’s Environment Ministry (SEDEMA) reported two Mexican gray wolf pups were born at the San Juan de Aragón Zoo.

The SEDEMA, through the General Direction of Zoos and Wild Fauna Conservation, informed that the pups were born on April 19 and that last June 17, veterinarians, biologists, and caregivers performed the first medical examination on them.

The medical examination of the wolf pups confirmed both of them are male and are in good health; each of them weighs seven kilograms.

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Through a statement, the SEDEMA added that the pups were born to Joy, a three-year-old female born at the Los Coyotes zoo, and Nakai, a three-year-old male born in Cananea, Sonora.

It was stressed that the San Juan de Aragón Zoo has contributed to the preservation of the Mexican wolf by including one of three pure genetic families that exists and that is called the San Juan de Aragón breed, in addition to delivering, so far, a total of 124 pups in 30 litters, including the two newest members of the family.

The SEDEMA said that, although the species is still in danger of extinction, it is recovering thanks to different efforts in collaboration with several institutions.

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