Turkey sandwiches, a tasty Mexican tradition
Turkey sandwiches are delicious – Photo: Diana Feitas/EL UNIVERSAL

Turkey sandwiches, a tasty Mexican tradition

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Mexico City
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Actually known as turkey tortas, they are prepared with a bread called “telera”

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There are many reasons to be excited about the Christmas season: the ornaments, the gifts, the joy, the beautiful lights in the streets, and of course, the food.

In Mexico, it is a tradition to eat turkey during the Christmas season and there are many ways to prepare it.

However, one of the most delicious is actually very simple: turkey sandwiches. In Mexican homes, they are usually made with leftovers from Christmas dinner and people say that the meat becomes tastier than it was the night before.

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The best place to eat turkey sandwiches is located in downtown Mexico City. “La Casa del Pavo” (The Turkey’s House) is a restaurant with no glitz but full of tradition and amazing food.

It was founded in 1901, over 100 years ago, and since then it has not stopped offering the best turkey sandwiches in the city.

“La Casa del Pavo” offers a variety of meals prepared with turkey, like broth, tacos, and even pozole, but it is famous for its turkey “tortas” (a kind of Mexican sandwich) that make you feel in Christmas season any time of the year.

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They also offer other kinds of sandwiches made with cod (another Christmas meal in Mexico), pork, and ham, as well as other classics of Mexican cuisine like chicken with mole and enchiladas.

Although the tortas or sandwiches are not big, they are really tasty. Their preparation is simple: both the turkey and the bread (called “telera” in Mexico) are heated in a grill and they add guacamole to it.

Another characteristic of this restaurant are its peppers, onions, and carrots prepared in vinegar; they are made with a special recipe.

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A fun fact of this restaurant is that it appeared in the famous film “ROMA” by Mexican director Alfonso Cuarón in which Cleo, the character interpreted by Yalitza Aparicio, visits this “lonchería” with a friend in their day off.

“La Casa del Pavo” is located in downtown Mexico City in 40 Motolinia. It is open Monday through Sunday from 9:00 to 21:00.

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