Trial date set for Mexican actor Pablo Lyle

There will be a previous audience on November 27 so that both parties inform if they are ready for the trial or if they need more time

Trial date set for Mexican actor Pablo Lyle
Pablo Lyle punched a 63 years old man in a traffic accident – Photo: Pedro Portal/EL UNIVERSAL
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The trial against Mexican actor Pablo Lyle, accused of involuntary manslaughter for hitting a senior man during a traffic accident in Miami, Florida, has been scheduled.

In a brief hearing that took place last Monday in the state courts of Miami, judge Alan Fine set the start of the trial for next December 9.

Nevertheless, he determined that there will be a previous audience on November 27 so that both parties inform if they are ready for the trial or if they need more time.

In that hearing, Lyle could also change his mind and declare himself guilty in order to avoid the jury trial.

The 32 years-old actor, protagonist of Mexican telenovela “My adorable curse” (Mi adorable maldición) looked for the judge to dismiss the case under the self-defense law of the state of Florida, but the magistrate rejected the arguments and determined that the court proceedings had to continue; Lyle has yet to express whether or not he will appeal the decisión.

The incident took place on March 31, when Lyle was going to the airport in a vehicle driven by his brother-in-law and they met the vehicle of Cuban Juan Ricardo Hernández, of 63 years of age.

According to the images of surveillance videos, Hernández got out of his vehicle in a red traffic light and went to complain at the window of the other vehicle because they blocked his way. Lyle’s brother-in-law got out of his vehicle, while the actor was in the passenger’s seat, and argued with Hernández, but returned to the vehicle after noticing it was in motion. That was when Lyle went down, ran to Hernández, and punched him in the face, leaving him on the floor.

The man died four days later in a hospital due to a brain injury caused by the trauma.

Lyle ran away from the place and was arrested some hours later in Miami’s Airport, but was released on bail.

The actor, who stars in the Netflix’s series “Yankee,” has said that he defended himself out of fear of an attack from Hernández.

According to a controversial Florida law approved in 2002, judges can grant immunity to someone of they think they acted in self-defense.

Lyle’s lawyers, among them Philip Reizenstein, argue that the actor had no intention of killing anyone. Lyle has expressed that he acted in self-defense and also to protect his two children and wife because he thought Hernández was going to attack them with a weapon.


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