10 cars with the worst resale value

On average, a car loses 27% of its original value the moment you drive it off the lot

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In Mexico, a car loses, on average, 27% of its original value the moment you drive it off the lot, and it will continue losing value each year, depending on the model, maintenance costs, number of owners, fuel and reputation of the brand, according to a study by Carmatch.com

The more commercial a vehicle is, the better resale value it will have, therefore, luxury cars and high maintenance costs will make a unit less popular.

The analysis of this website is based on the hundredths of cars evaluated every week, considering the resale value of models 216 and 2017.

Model Depreciation
Mercedes Benz E Class 55%
Audi S8 52.2%
Buick Regal 52%
Chevrolet Traverse 51.8%
Cadillac SRX 50.7%
Infinity QX60 50.4%
BMW Series 4 50.2%
Lincoln MKC 49.2%
Jaguar F-Type 48.5%
Acura TLX 48.1%

According to Carmatch.com, the items considered to calculate resale value are:

Model demand
The greater the demand, the better its resale price, as more people are likely to purchase the vehicle.

Maintenance cost
The higher the maintenance cost the worse its resale price, as people are more unlikely to purchase the vehicle. This happens more with SUV's, minivans, and luxury cars.

The older a vehicle is, the more complicated it will be to sell it at a good price. On the other hand a discontinued model will suffer a huge depreciation as spare parts will no longer be available.

The average mileage in Mexico is 20,000 kilometers per year. Mileage is one of the key factors in resale value and the less mileage the higher price.

Reliability and brand reputation
Some cars suffer from a bad reputation which lowers the price.
Number of owners
It's a perception that the fewer owners a car has had the better conditions it will be in, so this could be a decisive factor when trying to sell your vehicle.

Overall conditions
Damages to the body and upholstery will reduce the value of your vehicle. A car in good external conditions and clean interior will help you negotiate a better price.



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