22 | OCT | 2019
Gustavo Madero (left) & Javier Corral (right)– Photo: Juan Carlos Reyes/EL UNIVERSAL

Thunder in Anaya's sky

Mexico City
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Thunder in Anaya's sky

Javier Corral, Chihuahua Governor, snapped against the aspiring presidential candidate of his party, Ricardo Anaya. Not mincing his words, he said Anaya couldn't act as if he had already won the election and that they are still eight points below in the polls. Naturally, all those opposing Anaya, such as former Mexican President Felipe Calderón, seized the moment and took to social networks. The resentment seems to originate in the claim that “some make the bread and the others feast on it,” given that there seem to be some people in the list of candidates to the Senate that others believe removed from the party's ideals. The former national leader of the party, Cecilia Romero, even admitted this situation is causing “turmoil and legitimate indignation.” Thus the state of things. Although it's not a surprise there's dissent on Congress candidates, this time around there are many who've been vocal about their surprise or their outrage. “It's a very small group going too far, a group of no more than five people, who are making all the decisions of the campaign and the party,” said Corral. Anaya is in the eye of the storm.

Storm clouds in the PRI's horizon

The resignation letter of Senator Miguel Ángel Chico, of the center-right Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), has allowed us to take a peek at what's happening behind the curtain of the leadership of Enrique Ochoa. The leadership of a player who, our sources say, failed to understand his role in the game. Mr. Chico is proof of the political inefficiency of the leader, who had a few disputes which were made public with other senators, such as Patricio Martínez, when he pretended to force legislators to bear the burden of the hike in gas prices. This Sunday, Ochoa will have to swear in the presidential candidate of the PRI, José Antonio Meade, when it's been more than confirmed that Andrés Manuel López Obrador is getting the jump on him with one hand tied behind his back, and with each member the PRI loses, the stormier the clouds look in the PRI's horizon...

AMLO keeps things simple: a raffle

At the arena of the left National Regeneration Party (MORENA), the party of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) is keeping things simple. The appointment of most of the plurinominal candidates for Federal Deputies will be done through the most democratic strategy of all: the raffle. Thus, angry members will be forced to blame their bad luck instead of AMLO's judgement. But, just in case, the lists will be kept under lock and key before they announce the winners on the party's official website.

Something's alive in the PRD…

Yesterday, at the battleground of the left Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) – which has us accustomed to some serious fights – it was surprising to see they took things nice and easy and negotiations were held in the dark after the meeting of the party's council was extended. While the Galileans bickered about this and that, we've been told it was just to prove they're still alive.


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