Is there a pact between minister Aguilar and Anaya?

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Is there a pact between minister Aguilar and Anaya?
The project has been rejected three times but Aguilar insists on it - Photo: File Photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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Is there a pact between minister Aguilar and Anaya?

The Supreme Court minister Luis María Aguilar was bashed when he presented a project that would benefit former presidential candidate Ricardo Anaya in a case against EL UNIVERSAL. The majority of the ministers defended the right to free speech and almost all of them were against Aguilar's proposal. Once the 10 ministers were ready to vote the project, minister Aguilar requested to make a few changes to his project and perhaps next year, it might be discussed once again. Luis María Aguila didn't reveal if he would modify the core of his project, nevertheless, we've been told that he still plans to favor Ricardo Anaya even when the majority of the ministers don't approve his resolution. This is the third time he has attempted to propose a project in favor of Anaya. Is there an unspeakable pact between minister Aguilar and Anaya?

Ricardo Anaya is back

PAN vs Monreal

PAN and Morena members are having more troubles in the Senate as time goes by. We've been told that PAN members have complained about José Manuel del Río Virgen, who they call Ricardo Monreal's employee after José Manuel del Río said PAN senator Xóchitl Gálvez was vulgar during a TV interview. In a letter, the PAN's leader in the Senate, Mauricio Kuri, argues that without respect, professionalism, and honesty, they “can't reach the necessary agreements” in the Senate. Kuri also demanded that Monreal solve the case involving his “employee.”

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Lawmakers vs farmers

The leader of the National Agriculture Workers Union, Álvaro López Ríos, told Mario Delgado that “never in my fucking life have I waited for Presidents for this long, even less a commission of lawmakers.” López Ríos was set to meet the lawmakers at a hotel at 1 p.m. to try to negotiate the removal of the blockades outside Congress; nevertheless, he has to wait for over an hour and left before both parties could reach an agreement. So next time lawmakers discuss the 2020 budget, there might be quarrels, insults, and more.

Farmers demand more resources

The Cofepris delays the cannabis regulation

It's been 29 months since the modifications made to the General Health Law, which made medicinal cannabis legal were made official in June 2017, nevertheless, the Cofepris has yet to release a new set of rules for its use and distribution. In August 2019, the Supreme Court gave the Health Ministry 180 days to issue the rules to guarantee the patient's rights. Moreover, cannabis companies claim that those in the black market have taken advantage of this situation and have continued to sell products that risk the lives of the patients.

Cannabidiol products launched in Mexico


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