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Tacos al pastor: the world's favorite dish
Tacos al pastor are a Mexican staple - Photo: Sandra Torres/EL UNIVERSAL

Tacos al pastor: the world's favorite dish

Mariana Vidal
Mexico City
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Tacos al pastor mix Mexican and Middle Eastern ingredients and spices

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The website Taste Atlas, created by journalist Matija Babic, specializes on international gastronomy, released a list of some of the most popular dishes in the world. The website is considered as the Google Maps of food.

To make the list, chefs and experts evaluated the dishes that are demanded the most in their countries; in the results, dishes such as enchiladas, burritos, and tacos al pastor stood out, which were crowned as favorites around the world.

With 230 evaluations, tacos al pastor was given 4.4 stars, which makes the best dish in the world. They are followed by pizza and lasagna.

The website also recommends the best places to eat tacos in Mexico and in other countries.

Once again, it's become evident that Mexican food is beloved all over the world thanks to its unique flavor.


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