Survivors...and hostages?

10 months after the September 19 earthquake, the survivors are held hostage by political parties and corruption

Survivors...and hostages?
Flowers on the site where a factory collapsed on September 19, 2017, Mexico City – Photo: Francisco
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Bureaucracy, fights between parties, lack of transparency and the deviation of resources can turn into a huge challenge for the common good. The survivors from the September 19 earthquake know this very well.

The first Reconstruction Committee, formed by citizens weeks after the earthquake, faced the Legislative Assembly, where the parties tried to control the resources. The fight ended in the resignation of the committee's members.

The capital's government sent a legislative proposal so that the resources would be controlled only by the Finance Secretariat, although the truth is that the problem persists because the budget wasn't modified.

This is the reason why, 5 weeks ago, the current administration sent another proposal to reform the Expenditure Budget, in order to reassign almost MXN $700 million to the Public Reconstruction Trust. First, the campaign period, and now the post-electoral one, were the excuse to delay the possibility that the local legislators could approve the authority's project and the resources could be accessed to.

In the face of the Congressmen's indifference, Mexico City's government exercised its ability to access the resources from the Disasters Assistance Fund for the city.

While there was a fight about the resources, 10 months have passed since the earthquake. To this day, many families are still living in improvised tents on the street or with their relatives.

To remind the government of their situation, they've had to close roads and organize protests on several occasions.

This, along with the lack of transparency with the economic donations, national and international, that were deposited for the reconstruction. Even the INE sanctioned Morena because the resources in a trust fund to help the victims, ended up being used by the party's candidates.

About the donations received by the local government, there's information that a part of it was used to rebuild homes in Xochimilco, but nothing is known about the rest. EL UNIVERSAL reports that although last year the construction of homes in this municipality was agreed, the works are moving very slowly.

If the attention to the survivors of a tragedy has taken 10 long months, what can the average citizen expect if they ask for better services and a good administration?


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