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Survey of damaged buildings in Puebla

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So far, 300 buildings have been reported damaged in the capital city of Puebla after the earthquake

The president of the capital city of the central state of Puebla, Luis Banck Serrato, said that so far 300 buildings of the city center have been identified with varying degrees of damages after the earthquake on September 19.

Among the list, there are several Catholic Churches, public hospitals, and the historic school Héroes de la Reforma.

64 teams formed by structural engineers of the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry, the College of Engineers, the College of Architects, the Meritorious Autonomous University of Puebla (BUAP), the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN), and the Technological Institute of Monterrey (TEC), among others, evaluated over 500 buildings in the first quadrant of the city.

The local president added the teams will continue working, reviewing close to three thousand and 600 hundred buildings. A specialized call center was also stated to be enabled, linked to emergency number 072 to address citizen reports.

According to the latest information released through the Twitter account of Luis Felipe Puente, National Coordinator for Civil Protection, 45 people have been reported killed throughout the state of Puebla as a result of the quake.


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