SPAACIO: The online store selling furniture made in Mexico

This online store offers high-quality products made by Mexican artisans

SPAACIO: The online store selling furniture made in Mexico
SPAACIO offers a large variety of artisanal products - Photo: Taken from SPAACIO's website
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There are thousands of talented artisans, workshops, design studios who design beautiful, high-quality, and affordable furniture and decorative items and now it's easier to purchase their products.

Two years ago, Ángel Ruiz Méndez realized that there are many people who produce high-quality furniture in Mexico but that they could only acquire it if they visited states such as Jalisco and Oaxaca. Then he decided to launch an online store where Mexican artisans could sell their products and ship them to any city.

This is how SPAACIO was created. This online store wants to compete with other online retailers by offering high-quality products made by Mexican artisans.

The online store launched in January 2017, with an initial investment of MXN $20,000 and five suppliers, but it has grown over the years.

It currently has over 1,000 products from 50 workshops and design studios from Puebla, Jalisco, Oaxaca, Michoacán, Chiapas, and the state of Mexico and the artisans are paid a fair price for their products.

“As soon as I receive an order, I paid the artisans and they like that a lot because they have worked with other stores that haggle over the price or take a long time to pay them,” said Ángel Ruiz.

SPAACIO wants to support local artisans because their work is not appreciated or well-paid, as well as offer high-quality furniture at affordable prices.

The store operates through the drop-shipping scheme, where the product is sent to the buyer by the artisans, a strategy that reduces the prices between 20% and 35%.