Pumas players test positive for COVID-19

Pumas is yet another Liga MX team that has registered a COVID-19 outbreak

Soccer players at Mexico’s Pumas club test positive for COVID-19
Several Mexican soccer teams have detected COVID-19 cases - Photo: Taken from Pumas's Twitter account
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Mexico’s Pumas soccer club confirmed on June 9 a second COVID-19 case in the main team after a series of tests ran in previous days.

“After performing the laboratory tests to detect SARS-CoV-2 at the Pumas main team, one of our players tested positive for COVID-19. The player is asymptomatic and is currently in isolation under the club’s medical supervision, according to the Health Ministry’s protocols,” said Pumas, which did not reveal the identity of the player.

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On June 5, after detecting the first infection, Pumas concluded a series of SAR-CoV-2 tests performed in their training facilities and at the Center of Translational Clinical Research of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

“So far, two players of the men’s team are in this situation. We will keep in permanent touch with Liga MX to notify their evolution,” added Pumas.

It must be stressed that on May 28, the Pumas women’s team also registered a COVID-19 case, who reported some symptoms from home; the name of the female players has not been released either.

As of June 29, Pumas released a statement asserting that, due to the strict implementation of health measures, the club had no current COVID-19 infections.

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