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Shake Shack Mexico supports local producers
La Rifa created an exclusive chocolate bar for Shake Shack - Photo: Taken from Estudio YY's Instagram account

Shake Shack Mexico supports local producers

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Mexico City
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In an unprecedented move, the chain restaurant collaborated with a local chocolatier

Late in June, Shake Shack opened its first restaurant in Mexico. The chain offers burgers, hot dogs, fries, milkshakes, and more but it is interesting to note that the U.S. chain is collaborating with local talent to offer unique dishes at its first restaurant in Latin America.

For example, Shake Shack will offer a frozen chocolate custard topped with a chocolate tamal, cacao nibs, and chocolate. The chocolate and cacao will be provided by Mexican chocolatier Daniel Reza, who opened his company back in 2013. His product is authentic, fresh, and provided by Mexican families.

Therefore, with this move, Shake Shack and La Rifa are bringing real cacao and chocolate closer to a wider audience, as the two companies collaborated to create an exclusive chocolate bar for the restaurant.

Shake Shack also collaborated with other Mexican companies, for example, it will use jam from Santa Rosa and little brown sugar pigs. The restaurant will also offer organic red and white wines produced in Mexico by La Vinícola Mexicana Lomita.




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These collaborations prove that Mexican products and ingredients have high-quality standards. Moreover, it is commendable that an international fast food chain supports local talent and producers, boosting the local economy.

You can find the full menu here.


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