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Senermex wins first bidding for Mayan Train
The Mayan Train is the signature project of the administration of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador – Photo: File photo/EL UNIVERSAL

Senermex wins first bidding for Mayan Train

Leonardo Domínguez
Mexico City
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Fonatur informed that the Mexican consortium Senermex won the bidding to perform the basic engineering studies of the Mayan Train with a proposal of MXN $298,987,654 plus taxes

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The consortium Senermex, made up of the Mexican companies Daniferretools, S.A. de C.V.; Geotecnia y Supervisión Técnica, S.A de C.V, and Key Capital, S.A.P.I de CV, won the bidding to perform the basic engineering studies of the Mayan Train, informed the National Fund for Tourism Development (Fonatur).

This group is the same that was in charge of the engineering of the Interurban Train Mexico-Toluca.

The economic proposal presented by Senermex was of MXN $298,987,654 plus taxes.

After winning the bid, the consortium will be in charge of the engineering and design of different studies, such as cartography, topography, geology, geophysics and geometric trace, among others related to the project.

It will also develop assessments of cost and benefit, infrastructure, and will determine the location of the banks of materials used by the Mayan Train, which will cross four states, Chiapas, Campeche, Quintana Roo, and Yucatán in a 470-kilometers route.

According to Rogelio Jiménez Pons, general director of Fonatur, the maximum period to conclude the basic engineering studies is of 8 months.

He explained that they will receive partial deliveries “that are related to subsoil and surface analysis,” which will be assessed by technical advisors from Fonatur itself as well as from other institutions.

“The National Autonomous University of Mexico and the National Polytechnic Institute will certify that the studies are performed with the required technical quality,” said Manuel Santiago Quijano, head of Strategic Management and Institutional Liaison of Fonatur.

Jiménez Pons pointed out that this stage of the project will only carry out induced studies and works: rehabilitation of the road and animal crossing.

“The right of way is full of invasions; the state is obliged to generate a series of works that start the rehabilitation of the space. The big works [of the Mayan Train] will start on the first trimester of 2020,” said the director.



Everything you need to know about the Mayan Train project

Rogelio Jiménez Pons, the incoming director of FONATUR, answers questions about the Mayan Train
Everything you need to know about the Mayan Train projectEverything you need to know about the Mayan Train project

“The Mayan Train has to be a vehicle to generate the development in all communities, especially the Mayans, who live in the Yucatán peninsula. Induced works will mitigate part of the impacts that were never attended, like hydraulic works,” added Santiago Quijano.

Eight consortiums, made up of a total of 33 companies, presented proposals for the bidding.

According to Fonatur, the company evaluation process lasted three months and was accompanied by the United Nations Office for Project Services.

“The review of the proposals was made by a team made up of more than 50 specialized professionals in the legal, technical, and economic field,” informed Alejandro Varela, legal director of Fonatur.

About the selection of Senermex despite its record with the Interurban Train Mexico-Toluca, which is yet to be concluded, Jiménez Pons said: “One must differentiate what a consultancy firm of engineering projects is and what a building company is. The problem with the Interurban Train is its construction.”

He asserted that the contract, to be signed, protects them from “extraordinary” payments, since it holds subcontractors accountable for possible increases.

The signing of the contract will be done 15 days after this decision.


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