Is Santiago Nieto going after Luis Videgaray?

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Is Santiago Nieto going after Luis Videgaray?
Luis Videgaray was Finance and Foreign minister during the Peña Nieto administration - Photo: File Photo/Xinhua
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Is Santiago Nieto going after Luis Videgaray?

It seems like the Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF) is not after former Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray. We've been told that Santiago Nieto's team is focusing on drug trafficking. The UIF started 2019 by working on fuel theft, then focused on human trafficking, corruption, shell companies, and fake invoices. Right now, the until is focusing on blocking assets linked to criminal organizations, which are calculated at MXN $1,000 million. On Tuesday, Santiago ordered the blockade of bank accounts owned by 122 people linked to the Jalisco Nueva Generación, Sinaloa, Unión Tepito, and the Zetas cartels. So despite the rumors, we've been told Videgaray can sleep in peace.

Lawyer: Peña Nieto and Videgaray should testify

Nepotism at the Judiciary

Turns out that nepotism is not considered a crime in the Judiciary; nevertheless, the current administration, led by minister Arturo Zaldívar decided to reassign those who are at risk of incurring on conflicts of interest by having their family members work on the same circuit. We've been told that yesterday, the Judiciary issued an agreement to set clear rules to prevent nepotism. This is a huge problem in the Judiciary.

Organized crime infiltrated Mexico's Supreme Court

López Obrador doesn't like helicopters

This weekend, President López Obrador will travel to Tabasco and Campeche, to supervise the work being done in oil rigs and responded to the question if he will use military or a Pemex helicopter to get to the oil rig. The answer is he will take a boat. These trips would justify using a helicopter, nevertheless, the President would rather not use them.

Mexico starts the construction of the Dos Bocas oil refinery

Women take over the Supreme Court

In contrast with the series of appointments of people unfit for government positions, the three women on the race to become the next Supreme Court minister have a solid formation, career, and experience. We've been told that senators showed a lot of respect for Diana Álvarez Maury, Ana Laura Magaloni Kerpel, and Margarita Ríos Farjat, which hints that the new minister will be appointed today.

Who will be appointed to the Supreme Court?


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