Romero Deschamps' family created an emporium

For 26 years, Carlos Romero Deschamps led the oil workers union

Romero Deschamps' family created an emporium
Romero Deschamps's family lives a luxury lifestyle - Photo: Yadin Xolalpa/EL UNIVERSAL
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During his reign as the head of the oil workers union (STPRM), Carlos Romero Deschamps benefited at least 25 relatives with jobs at Pemex, who then created at least 20 companies that operate in four states and have provided services to the state-owned oil company.

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During the last 25 years, months after Romero Deschamps took over the union, his family and his wife's family created several companies that ventured into construction, maintenance, pesticide production, trading, soccer, artistic and sports events, as well as air transport.


Carlos Romero Deschamps and his wife – Photo: Heptor Arjona/EL UNIVERSAL

According to information EL UNIVERSAL had access to, Deschamps' family members consolidated an emporium in the 90s and expanded it during the last decades.

The Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF) revealed that there are two lawsuits against Carlos Romero Deschamps for illicit enrichment and money laundering. Also, it was revealed that Mexican authorities are collaborating with other countries to find Deschamps' bank accounts located in tax havens.

The businesses created by Romero Deschamps and Rosa Durán Limas' relatives were registered in Guanajuato, and involve several family members such as Blanca Rosa Durán Limas, María Esther Romero Deschamps, José Carlos Romero Durán, and Héctor Manuel Aguinaco Puga.

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In Guanajuato, the Deschamps-Durán family opened a fertilizer and pesticide company in 1989; a real state company in 1999, created by María Guadalupe Lidia Durán Limas, Deschamps' sister-in-law and fellow union leader Fernando Pacheco Martínez; a construction company was created in 1998; a maintenance company was created in 1996 and where Víctor Manuel Deschamps Lugo, Jorge Eugenio Deschamps Lugo, José Luis Ortiz Deschamps are shareholders.

In 2009, Ricardo Eugenio Deschamps Morán created Club de Futbol Guinda, a company used to trade professional soccer players, as well as the establishing, maintenance, and development of sports, social, cultural, and recreational facilities and activities.

Also in 2009, Fernando Pacheco and Ricardo Eugenio Deschamps partnered to create Destor Comercial, a company that commercializes machinery, industrial paint and builds commercial and institutional projects.

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Romero Deschamps' youngest son, Alejandro Romero Durán, opened two air transportation companies, Aeromonky and Aeromonky Service Center, in 2010 and 2016. The company sells, purchases, and rents airplanes.

Two of the companies created by the Deschamps-Durán family, Odis Asversa and Pame R&B Asociados, are being investigated by the Attorney General's Office since October 2019, as well as 12 family members.

However, Romero Deschamps is not legally involved in the companies created by bis wife, siblings, children, nephews, and nieces.


The eccentric life of the Deschamps-Durán family

Carlos Romero Deschamps' children ofter showed off their luxury lifestyle in magazines and social media. They are known for their properties abroad, jewelry, luxury cars, travels, and private airplanes.

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