The rival AMLO couldn't defeat

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The rival AMLO couldn't defeat
Andrés Manuel López Obrador in Texcoco – Photo: Valente Rosas/EL UNIVERSAL
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The rival AMLO couldn't defeat

Down with football fever, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) was forced to cut short a rally in Texcoco scheduled at the same time as the Mexico vs Germany match. So people wouldn't leave Mr. Andrés alone, the left National Regeneration Party (MORENA) decided to install screens so that sympathizers could watch the game. In the end, AMLO couldn't win against football: he cut his speech from 50 to 20 minutes and set his agenda aside a little to watch the game. Against this rival the presidential candidate couldn't win, a candidate who according to most polls, is leading polls today.

A campaign Bronco-style

While other candidates made a two-hour pause in their campaigns to watch the game, Jaime Rodríguez Calderón (El Bronco) took it easy and decided not to call any rallies two weeks away from the election. We've been told that since he launched his presidential campaign, the independent candidate made it quite clear that he would need one day a week to rest and look after his ranch. In this occasion, the excuse of the Father's Day and the game of Mexico's National Football Team were the ideal combination which allowed El Bronco to step down, momentarily, from the presidential race and enjoy a roasted steak in his ranch back in García, Nuevo León. We've been told that the worst isn't that Rodríguez is at the bottom of the polls but that it seems this doesn't worry him in the least.

Are the INE and the FEPADE being mocked?

Anonymous telephone calls campaigning against Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) have been registered in very unsuspected places. Our sources say that the recordings have even been received at phones of the offices of the Specialized Attorney's Office against Electoral Crimes (FEPADE), led by Héctor Díaz Santana. That is, those who make these sort of calls do not hesitate to make them even to the headquarters of the institution in charge of tracing them. We've been told that some of these phone calls have also reached the offices and staff of the National Electoral Institute (INE). It does make one wonder if this is more like a coincidence or if the callers are merely mocking the authorities.

Meade won't go to Chiapas

The skirmishes between the parties forming the “All for Mexico” coalition (Institutional Revolutionary Party, Green Party, and New Alliance Party) have wreaked havoc in Chiapas, where this alliance was broken. Given this panorama, presidential candidate José Antonio Meade planned to be this week in Chiapas, specifically in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapa de Corzo, and Comitán, to close his campaign in this region. However, we've been told that he had to cancel his tour and he will go instead to Jalisco, where he will support Miguel Castro, running for Governor of the state for this coalition.


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