Rammstein to visit Mexico

The German industrial metal band will visit the American continent with their seventh album

Rammstein to visit Mexico
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Back in January, Rammstein announced it would come back to the American continent in 2020 and Mexico was among the countries it would visit, as they announced in their social networks in a video with “Amerika” as the musical background.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the  industrial metal German band  to postpone both its Europe and North America tours, where they would present their seventh album launched in 2019.

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Today, the German band announced the new dates for its North America Stadium Tour.

Rammstein was set to visit Mexico City’s Foro Sol on September 26 and 27, 2020 nevertheless, the shows have been rescheduled for next year.

Now, Mexican Rammstein fans will be able to watch the German band once again on September 30, 2021 and October 1, 2021.

The comeback
In May, Rammstein launched its first album after ten years. The German industrial metal band’s album has no title and includes eleven new songs.



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In their seventh album, whose minimalist cover shows a matchstick with a white background, the band has once again chosen provocation and ambivalent interpretations, according to German media outlets.

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Since late March 2019, the single “Deutschland” (Germany) had been released and only in a week, its video already had 25 million views on Youtube, as informed the German edition of magazine Rolling Stone.

As usual, the video has caused controversy because the members of the band wear attires similar to those used by prisoners in concentration camps while the Afro-German actress Ruby Commey portrays “Germania.”



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In this regard, Felix Klein, commissioner of the German government for anti-Semitism affairs declared that “the staging of Rammstein musicians as prisoners in concentration camps sentenced to death exceeded a red line.”

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The lyrics of “Radio,” the second single of the album, alludes to the Nazi era and pretends to be a call against censorship and oppression, according to German media outlets.

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The album has different musical undertones although the band keeps loyal to its formula: “an amazing horror spectacle,” as says the web edition of German magazine Spiegel.



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Among the most used rhetorical stylistic resources is the oxymoron, that is, the use of contradictory concepts, as happens in the song “Tattoo” where the use of German proverbs uses this device.

In the song “Ausländer” (Foreigners), the sextet portrays nationality stereotypes and a cosmopolitan vision while in “Zeig dich” (Show yourself) they address the accusations of sexual abuse against the Catholic Church.



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In addition, the song called “Halloman” (The Hello Man) also addresses the topic of abuse of minors, while “Weit weg” (Away) talks about voyeurism, and “Puppe” (Doll) talks about prostitution.



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Rammstein’s tour, known for its firework shows, has planned to visit Norway, Spain, Russia, Denmark, France, and the Czech Republic, among other countries.

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