13 | DIC | 2019
Dante Delgado, national leader of the MC – File photo/EL UNIVERSAL

Raffles held by politicians

Mexico City
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Raffles held by politicians

The Citizen's Movement Party (MC), led by Dante Delgado, is currently preparing an austerity program which will consider as a measure to cut the wages of their high-ranking members. Our sources say the orange party has already rejected public financing to help the earthquake victims. Now, they want to hold raffles and obtain resources from other sources to run their political party. We've been told the race to see who earns less is still at full speed, and this hasn't served only to earn them a reputation as opportunistic, according to experts, but given the lavish offer of their resources, it's becoming increasingly clear that if there's something political parties have too much of is public money.

The PRD in reverse?

And on the topic of the sudden “generosity” of political parties, we're told several voices within the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) are cautioning the party should pull the brakes and moderate their announcement, proclaimed as part of the Citizen's Front for Mexico, of supporting the legal amendments in favor of “zero money for political parties” during 2018. We're told people should think twice before reaching zero, since electoral experts have almost unanimously agreed there are several risks in having private funding as the sole income strategy of political parties, considering money is harder to track this way rather than through public channels, and this opens the door for money laundering. Thus, these unconvinced PRD members are working on a formula which can leave their national leader, Alejandra Barrales, enough leeway to support the earthquake victims but without committing all their resources, without this being seen as pulling the brakes and driving in reverse

A front against the Front

With the submission of an official letter addressed to the national leaders of the National Action Party (PAN), the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD), and the Citizen's Movement Party (MC), Ricardo Anaya, Alejandra Barrales and Dante Delgado, respectively, three aspiring candidates to the presidential candidacy – two PAN members and one from the PRD – have organized a front to demand the promoters of the Citizen's Front for Mexico be assigned through public election by the Mexican citizens. Rafael Moreno Valle, Margarita Zavala and Silvano Aureoles – Governor of Michoacán – have stated that while they support the creation of the Front, once the time comes to choose the presidential candidate for 2018, the candidates should “arise from the open vote of the citizenship.” That is, we already have a front trying to avoid handpicked candidates within the Citizen's Front.

Breaking a record at Campo Marte

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and his wife, Angélica Rivera, will be today at Campo Marte where they hope to break a world record. Mr. Enrique and the First Lady have responded to the call of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) and will lead the event where 15 thousand people are expected to form a huge white and pink human lasso for Mexico. This event, organized by the IMSS, serves a double purpose: show solidarity towards the victims of the September 19 and 7 earthquakes, and launch the official campaign against breast cancer.


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