The queen of soap opera villains passes away

Remembered for her iconic interpretation of Catalina Creel, María Rubio passed away at 83

María Rubio starred in over 20 soap operas and a dozen of films - File photo/NOTIMEX
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Mexican actress, María Rubio, queen of the Mexican soap opera female villains, has passed away at 83.

She is remembered for her flawless interpretation of antagonist Catalina Creel in the 1986 Mexican soap opera hit “Cuna de lobos” (Cradle of Wolves).

María Rubio had a prolific career in theater and both, the big and the small screen, starring in dramas such as “Doña Macabra” (“Mrs. Macabre”) “Muchacha italiana viene a casarse, (“An Italian Girl Comes to Marry”) “El derecho de nacer” (“The Right to Be Born”), “Imperio de cristal” (“Crystal Empire”) “Amada enemiga” (“Beloved Enemy”), among others.

The National Interpreters Association (ANDI) informed the news through their Twitter account.

“The Board of Directors of the Surveillance Committee, on behalf of @ANDIMexico, informs of the passing of interpreter María Rubio. Remembered for her symbolic role as the villain Catalina Creel in the soap opera “Cuna de Lobos”. Our condolences to her family,” reads the tweet of the Association.

Several celebrities of Mexico's showbiz have also shared their condolences to her family and used social media to express their heartbreak and grief, such as Patricia Reyes Spíndola, Laura Zapata, and Daniela Romo.


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