20 | FEB | 2019
The price of inefficient governments
Tultepec firefighter receives help from a local – Photo: Eduardo Verdugo/ AP

The price of inefficient governments

Mexico City
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The current government's lack of efficiency is leaving public officers, such as firefighters, with useless equipment that only increases the risk of losing their lives

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Last Thursday's tragedy in Tultepec, State of Mexico, where a series of four explosions took place in several firework workshops, sheds light on the firefighters' situation in that municipality. Despite having shortages and poor salaries, they still are fully dedicated to helping, that's the characteristic that best describes them.

The authorities and society's involvement with corporations such a this one, where their members risk their lives every day, should translate into providing them with satisfying materials and salaries, but that's not the case. Today EL UNIVERSAL reveals that firefighters from Tultepec carry out their duties despite having useless vehicles and worn out personal equipment; most of them have been donated from abroad, specifically, by the Chicago Fire Department.

In regards to wages, their salary is one of the lowest between the State of Mexico's firefighters: it ranges from MXN $4,000 to MXN $8,000, while in municipalities like Atizapán they perceive up to MXN $11,100.

Not much research is needed to confirm that the situation of Tultepec's firefighters is the same for dozens of similar corporations.

Police forces, public hospitals, and schools all over the country are in similar situations as those of the firefighters. Most of Mexico's problems would be solved when the governments start to offer the population better services.

In both federal and state levels, there are offices specialized in security, health or education. Nevertheless, nor the country, nor the states, have the best services in those areas. The population endures a lack of police surveillance, a lack and deficiency in hospital supplies, and schools without services like water or electricity.

The urban infrastructure is, generally, another unresolved matter in the country's main cities: streets in poor conditions, lack of traffic signs, no garbage collection, etc.

The citizens shouldn't settle for second or third class services. It's necessary to demand quality services, to report irregularities, and that they turn into the best of evaluators. Questioning the government's inefficiency will lead to elevate the quality of life.

If different authorities must start in a certain area, the priority would have to be to entirely focus on those public officers who risk their lives to save someone else. It's unforgivable that they carry out their everyday duties without the right equipment. For them, today's only certainty is that they will risk their lives. 


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