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Andrés Manuel López Obrador & César Camacho – File photo/EL UNIVERSAL

The PRI, AMLO's ally

Mexico City
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The PRI, AMLO's ally

The Parliament group of the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) of the Chamber of Deputies has called back the eight legislators it lent to the Green Party on September 1 to avoid the party of Andrés Manuel López Obrador(AMLO) to spread like wildfire. With this movement, the PRI allowed the far- left National Regeneration Party (MORENA) to rise as a fourth power, right behind the left Democratic Revolution Party (PRD), while the Green Party has plummeted to the fifth position. We're told this PRI group, led by César Camacho, is expecting MORENA to add more legislators of other parties and conclude the Legislature in third place. This political chess move, we've been told, is quite clever: the PRI is settling the score with the PRD for their alliance with the opposition block which paralyzed the Chamber of Deputies for seven days. In addition, in lending a couple of legislators to the Green Party, the PRI has managed to secure the vice presidency for the Green party, its ally. So who would've thought! The PRI helping out AMLO so the MORENA members end up third in the most important group of San Lázaro.

The extradition of César Duarte

In the next few hours, the Specialized Attorney's Office against Electoral Crimes will request to the United States the extradition of former Chihuahua Governor, César Duarte – ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) member. We're told he stands accused of electoral fraud. Even if the Attorney's Office, led by Santiago Nieto, is aware this is a minor crime the penalization of which doesn't involve jail time, the idea is for this accusation to open the door for the more serious offenses being compiled by Mexico's Office of the Attorney General (PGR). Moreover, the Attorney General of Chihuahua has requested to the PGR to process Duarte's arrest to begin the extradition process of the former governor – who has 10 arrest warrants for crimes such as “planning, organization, diversion of funds and unlawful expenditure of more than one billion of Mexican pesos,” according to the statement issued yesterday by the current governor of Chihuahua Javier Corral. It all seems Mr. César will share the same luck that his colleague, fellow party member, and namesake, Javier Duarte.

Shout and then leave

Not only will the traditional dinner of the Grito (Mexican Shout) at the National Palace be canceled, we're told the festivities will be quick and with the absence of many members of Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto's cabinet. The Head of State, our sources say, made a decision in Los Pinos: to perform the traditional ceremony of the Grito from the main balcony of the National Palace, but the event will be brief and all the officials assigned to the disaster areas after the earthquake will remain in their assigned locations. It's possible the Secretaries of the Interior, National Defense, the Navy, and Finances and Public Credit may attend. It all depends on the next few hours, we're told.

Where is Javier Lozano?

As a result of the internal rivalries of the conservative National Action Party (PAN), the Commission of Communications and Transportation of the Senate held a meeting without a chairman, without a lead. After the leave requested by Javier Lozano to go to work in Puebla, the Parliament group of the PAN assigned the position to northerner, Raúl Gracia. However, we're told the national leader of the party, Ricardo Anaya, is still undecided about this. Given this lack of definition, the Parliament groups of the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), the Labour Party (PT), and the Green Party (PVEM) have united and held a pending meeting...to appoint a new president for the Federal Institute of Telecommunications, considering they're already behind schedule and while commissioner Adriana Labardini has temporarily assumed the position.


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