21 | NOV | 2019
The President's biggest fan
Irma Eréndira Sandoval spent her money to show admiration - Photo: Alejandra Leyva/EL UNIVERSAL

The President's biggest fan

Mexico City
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The President's biggest fan

We've been told that some members of the current government haven't realized this is the 4th Transformation and still carry put practices from the 3rd. In this case, Irma Eréndira Sandoval, the Public Affairs Minister, has a painting of President López Obrador in her office and shows it off to her visitors. The President's press department claims there is no official portrait, as the one hung in hundreds of government offices during previous administrations. Nevertheless, since Sandoval really appreciates the President, she didn't mind spending her own money to show admiration.

There's equity but no money

In the midst of the celebrations for the approval of the new regulations to guarantee gender equality in politics, federal lawmakers from all parties have said they're worried about the cuts made to the budget of the equity program from the National Women's Institute led by Nadine Gasman Zylbermann. We've been told that after the historic bill was passed in Congress, now legislators are uneasy because there are no signs that the MXN $86 millions for the program that promotes NGOs in favor of gender equality will be back. There's a new law but no resources.

Just rumors

For some time now, there have been rumors that there are clashes between cabinet members from the 4th Transformation. Although in some cases, the quarrels have become so evident that there's a lot of gossip going around the President's team but we've been told that one of those rumors is not true at all. We've been told that the Welfare Minister, María Luisa Albores, doesn't have an issue with the Undersecretary Ariadna Montiel. Both officials have a cordial relationship and even if they're not close friends, they both share an important responsibility: social programs. What is true is that if they don't reach the goals established by the 4th Transformation, they will both be in trouble with their boss.

Hernán Gómez’s new adventure

Our collaborator Hernán Gómez Bruera is about to start a new exciting adventure. He will host a new TV show at Canal 11 along with standup comedian Carlos Ballarta. The TV show is titled “La Maroma Estelar” and will be released on Sunday. The show will be a space for the followers and the opposition of the new administration and there will be criticism against all, including you-know-who. Congratulations.


Private insurance elimination: MXN$5 billion in savings

The elimination of private insurance for government workers will generate savings, according to SFP
Private insurance elimination: MXN$5 billion in savingsPrivate insurance elimination: MXN$5 billion in savings


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