President of Justice Committee of Jalisco shot dead

Saúl Galindo also held office as local congressman and was running for mayor of Tomatlán

Police forces deployed in western Mexican state of Jalisco - Photo: Jorge Alberto Mendoza/EL UNIVERSAL
English 29/12/2017 13:31 Tomatlán, Jalisco Raúl Torres & Carina García (envoy & reporter) Actualizada 14:10
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Saúl Galindo Plazola, local congressman for Revolutionary Democratic Party (PRD) and president of the Justice Committee was shot dead yesterday in the coastal municipality of Tomatlán in the western state of Jalisco.

Galindo was along the 200 federal highway of Tomatlán municipality with his son when he was intercepted by a white van at a spot known as Las Albercas El Mirador, where a heavily armed group of unknown assailants fatally shot him twice.

Jalisco General Attorney's Office (PGR) determined that the crime was a result of a direct attack and has yet to present any arrests as the six suspects fled the scene after the crime. Galindo was running for mayor of Tomatlán and was ready to start his campaign only next Wednesday, January 3, according to Víctor Hugo Pardo, Jalisco's president of Revolutionary Democratic Party (PRD).

Only last December 24, activist and local coordinator of Citizen's Movement Party, Salvador Magaña, was stabbed in the same 200 federal highway in La Huerta municipality.

For years, Magaña had denounced the privatization of beaches in his municipality, as well as illegal logging.

Investigations for both crimes remain in progress, while Jalisco governor, Aristóteles Sandoval has noted that justice will be made.

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