The President and Claudia Sheinbaum vs. judges

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The President and Claudia Sheinbaum vs. judges
Claudia Sheinbaum is the first elected female mayor in Mexico City - Photo: File Photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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The President and Claudia Sheinbaum vs. judges

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador showed his support to Mexico City Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum after she accused judges and magistrates of being corrupt and releasing criminals such as Óscar Andrés Flores Ramírez “El Lunares” from prison, who was released from jail for the second time. Hours after the release and while in Jalisco, the President supported Sheinbaum and warned judges that the time to free criminals for a deficient investigation is over.

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The U.S. is angry Mexico

The U.S. Justice Department canceled a program to transport inmates to Mexico in March 2020. There is a treaty between Mexico and the U.S. that established that Mexicans serving time in the U.S. can serve their sentence in Mexico. However, this 2020, U.S. authorities canceled the program because Mexican authorities didn’t confirm the dates proposed by the U.S. and didn’t send the information of inmates who qualified for the program. So the U.S. Justice Department didn’t only cancel the program, it also asked Mexico for the contact information of all those government officials involved in the program.

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Mexico’s new ambassador in Haiti

Jesús Valdés Peña will be appointed as the new Mexican ambassador in Haiti. On March 5, there will be a series of meetings organized by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, where Mexico will be questioned but there is no ambassador to participate in the meetings. The former ambassador to Haiti, Héctor Rodríguez, died in July 2019 and ever since there has been a Chargé d'Affaires.

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Feud at Morena

A commission in the lower chamber had to postpone the approval of a new law after it sparked internal difference at Morena, the ruling party. We’ve been told that the new law includes the creation of two research institutes; the first is for social and general issues and the second will focus on public finances. We’ve been told that the former president of the lower chamber, Porfirio Muñoz Ledo, wants to lead the first institute but there are other Morena lawmakers who are also interested. We’ll see if Morena members reach an agreement next week.

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