Police officers collude with local cartel in Mexico City

Authorities seized 2.5 tons of marijuana, 20 kilos of cocaine, and a rocket launcher

Police officers collude with local cartel in Mexico City
This weeks, the marines and local police arrested 31 suspects linked to the local Unión Tepito cartel - Photo: Jorge Alvarado/EL UNIVERSAL
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How could criminals hide 2.5 tons of marijuana, 20 kilos of cocaine, 50 kilos of chemical precursors, as well as weapons, cartridges, and a rocket launcher in the city center without authorities finding out? The answer is quite simple, the police colluded with criminals.

This wouldn't be the first time a case like this is exposed as the country has learned about municipal police who worked for criminals; nevertheless, this sets a precedent in Mexico City.

After a raid in the Tepito neighborhood, where authorities seized drugs, firearms, and over MXN $1.5 million in cash, Mexico City's government acknowledged that there is evidence that at least 120 police officers protected the Unión Tepito cartel, a criminal group that controls the majority of drug trafficking operations in the capital. This would explain why the alleged cartel leader escaped despite a large number of officers deployed for the raid. Investigations indicate that he was warned by officials from Mexico City's police.

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So far, authorities have confirmed that this cartel leader organized parties for police officers in charge of the surveillance in the Cuauhtémoc and Venustiano Carranza boroughs, where La Unión Tepito cartel has influence.

During the previous government, the administration worked on the professionalization of police throughout the country. Each state was in charge of training them, providing equipment, and applying confidence and performance evaluations. This was one of the main proposals to try to improve security in the country. Currently, this is a topic that is rarely discussed. How to know if a police officer is colluding with criminals? The periodic evaluations are essential but also the proper equipment, training, and decent salaries because while police officers in Mexico are suspected of colluding with criminals, the insecurity in the country will prevail.

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In Mexico City, a police corruption network was exposed. If the investigation doesn't dig deeper, authorities will lose the opportunity to clean the corporation and show clear results in regards to the fight against crime.