20 | SEP | 2019
Pirate ships and fuel thieves
Two ships with fuel were seized in Mexico – Photo: Yu Fangping/Xinhua

Pirate ships and fuel thieves

Mexico City
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Pirate ships and fuel thieves
A very strange story that reflects complicity and alleged corruption acts was revealed after the seize of two ships in the Dos Bocas port. The ships, IMILOA and HOS (Hornbeck Offshore Services) WINCHESTER, transported 850,000 liters of fuel. We've been told that the federal government is investigating how two ships from companies established in Mexico and managed by foreigners were transporting allegedly stolen fuel in Mexico's territory, under the Mexican flag. The ships had been using Mexico's flag to operate for 10 days and some wonder if there are simulations in the ways in which foreign ships are allowed to operate in Mexican waters. The Navigation Law is very clear and established that only Mexican ships can navigate between ports or other sea waters and Mexican coastal waters. Which authority is going to explain this? Is this another case that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador should add to his list against corruption?

Mexico is working to help Venezuela
The Mexican government has been very active in trying to be a factor for conciliation in the Venezuela case. We've been told that the Foreign Affairs Under-secretary for Latin America and the Caribbean, Maximiliano Reyes, met with the Norwegian ambassador in Mexico. Norway, along with Uruguay, is looking to create a parallel group to the Lima Group. He also met with China's ambassador in Mexico and the Chargé d'affaires from the U.S. embassy. They are looking to take the case before the UN but until now, they have reached consensus.

PAN monks hope for a sign
PAN senators were jokingly saying that they are on a spiritual retreat as they carried out their plenary meeting at a ranch in Tamaulipas. There, at peace, the PAN members organized their agenda and might decide who will be their parliamentary coordinator, because until now, the party's president, Marko Cortés, hasn't chosen between Gustavo Madero, Francisco Domínguez, and Mauricio Kuri. Meanwhile, the politicians will keep on reflecting like monks and might receive a divine sign that indicates who will guide their destinies and leads them to act like the opposition society demands.

Trump and his border drill
Donald Trump's government began a process of returning migrants who returned asylum to Mexican territory at the San Ysidro-Tijuana sentry. And now, the U.S federal administration is planning to carry out a drill at the sentry in Otay, in Tijuana. We've been told that agents from Customs and Border Protection will carry out a protection drill at their gate at 6 p.m., exactly when hundreds of people return home at either side of the border. The Mexican authorities are aware of the situation and through Mexico's consulate in San Diego, they told Mexican citizens to be careful when crossing the border.


Buoyed by protesters, opposition leader Juan Guaidó claims Venezuela presidency

Guaidó’s declaration takes Venezuela into uncharted territory, with the possibility of the opposition now running a parallel government recognized abroad as legitimate but without control over state functions
Buoyed by protesters, opposition leader Juan Guaidó claims Venezuela presidencyBuoyed by protesters, opposition leader Juan Guaidó claims Venezuela presidency


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