Peña Nieto has new enemies

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Peña Nieto has new enemies
In recent months, Peña Nieto has been involved in several scandals - Photo: Cheryl Gagalac/REUTERS
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Peña Nieto has new enemies

It's uncommon to see that a former President was accused of serious crimes by his closest collaborators and friends, as well as a member of his party. On one hand, through his legal team, Emilio Lozoya is sending messages to Peña Nieto by affirming that the former President knew about the purchase of Fertinal. On the other hand, Ivonne Ortega, the former Yucatán governor and a contender for the PRI leadership, said that the PRI elite was responsible for the party's defeat during the 2018 election and shows images of the former President during her commercial. Ortega also claims that during the previous administration, the party's decision was always made by the government. Therefore, Peña Nieto has more and more enemies every day.

The European Commission will support Mexico and Central America

In the midst of the drama caused by an influx of Central American migrants stationed in Mexico, there is good news from the European Commission: they have pledged to support the Comprehensive Development Plan for El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. We've been told that Maximiliano Reyes, the Undersecretary for Latin America and the Caribbean from the Foreign Ministry, received a letter where the European Commission promised to contribute to €7 million for the programs implemented by President López Obrador: Mesoamerica Without Hunger, Sowing Life, and Youth Building the Future. Moreover, both parties are working to establish a technical cooperation table to organize their collaboration and establish future collaborations between Mexico and the European Union.

Working towards the decriminalization of drugs

On Sunday, there will be an official event to announce the deployment of the National Guard throughout the country, led by President López Obrador. Once the first stage is finished, they will start working to eradicate violence and crime in Mexico. They claim that the strategy to decriminalize drugs won't be left behind, nevertheless, we've been told this will take place at a later stage. We've been told that lawmakers will work on this bill while they also finalize the creation of the National Guard.

The government apologizes for a massacre

We've been told that President López Obrador sent Olga Sánchez Cordero, the Interior Minister, to Coahuila to talk to the families of those who died during a massacre in 2011, when Los Zetas cartel killed at least 26 people in the municipality if Allende, after the criminals said the people had betrayed them. The Minister will apologize and announce that the case will be investigated by the Attorney General and finally arrest those responsible for the massacre.


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