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PAN punishing absentees or rebels?

Mexico City
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PAN punishing absentees or rebels?

The punishment administered by the coordination of the conservative National Action Party (PAN) in the Chamber of Deputies against 10 Federal legislators for their non-attendance at an important vote last September 5 has aroused suspicion on whether said legislators are being punished for their absence or because they're not supportive of national leader Ricardo Anaya. We're told there is a very curious story about what's going on. A deputy, we've been told, wanted to attend a preliminary PAN meeting which Mr. Ricardo Anaya was also attending, however, the deputy coordinator, Agustín Rodríguez, denied her access because “it was clear she represented other people's interests.” Our sources say the purge in the party will not stop because it has been considered to keep the dissident faction only as advisors. The problem is that in the Federal Senate, the riot is also increasing, with legislators disagreeing with what they consider to be the authoritarianism of their national leader against any who has ideas different from his.

AMLO feeds on PRD blood

The party of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), the far- left National Regeneration Party (MORENA) is still hunting PRD members in San Lázaro. We're told numbers don't lie and the difference between PRD and MORENA members at the Chamber of Deputies is 4. Our sources say AMLO's party has a group of 48 legislators, while the PRD's has been reduced to 52. And while there are three PRD members who appear to be flirting with the MORENA, we've been told, Leonardo Amador, Lluvia Flores, and Tania Arguijo have already stated they're not going anywhere; that is, MORENA will have to wait a few days more to become the third opposing strength at the Chamber of Deputies. And that is just in the Congress because the PRD is still counting heads and even if they're already losing blood to the MORENA, it's said they're going over the list of turncoats to expel them...even if they still have one foot in and one foot out.

Armed Forces, qualified in all fronts

The troops of General Salvador Cienfuegos and Admiral Vidal Francisco have passed the test. The military officials were seen quite pleased after the Military Parade at the Zócalo of Mexico City, executed to commemorate the 207th anniversary of Mexico's Independence. Every little detail was carefully tended to, since even the rehearsals were performed before the secretary of the National Defense – particularly the mosaics and murals ones – so everything turned out perfect. Thus, the young soldiers have proved they're capable of organizing and performing parades, fight drug traffickers and organized crime, and save lives after natural disasters, such as 8.2 magnitude earthquakes and violent hurricanes. Yesterday after the parade, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto had lunch with the Armed Forces at Military Camp Number 1, and thanked them for supporting the Mexican people.

Bejarano's replacement

The king is dead, long like the king! This is what it seems will happen with René Bejarano, who has left the ranks of the left Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) to nurture the living forces of the far- left National Regeneration Party (MORENA). It turns out Alejandro Sánchez has seen himself as the new leader of the National Democratic Left, the movement of his former boss Bejarano, which, according to him, is “alive and well.” What we'll have to see now is whose banner it will bear, lest it becomes a Troyan horse.


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